I can’t deny it I use acid toners of differing strengths and types every day.  Apart from cleansing it is the one step that I think can make the most dramatic difference to your skin’s appearance and texture plus you will not end up with a salami face - promise!


Acid toners or pre-soaked acid pads will do more for your skin than any manual exfoliant can do.  So which type is best for you and AHA or a BHA and what is the difference?

Alpha-hydroxy acids are in the most basic of terms exfoliants.  They slough off the dead skin cells that allow and promote the growth and visibility of new skills.  

With the smallest molecular size these work deep under the skin and help improve fine lines and dullness.  The two most common are

•    Glycolic – good for resurfacing and boosts collagen production
•    Lactic – Good for resurfacing and dehydrated/dry skin

If you have oily or blemish prone skin then AHA’s are going to get you the best results.  It’s larger molecular size limits its penetration into the skin which allows the acid to get to work unclogging pores and regulating the production of sebum on the surface of the skin.    

The most common BHA is salicylic acid which is not only great at dealing with acne prone skin but is surprisingly gentle and good for calming stressed skin.

If you want to find out more about acid toners, how to use them or to find ou which one is right for you then please get in touch.