So you have had all the excitement of the proposal and drank champagne like you are Marie Antoinette.

You may have already have purchased your wedding organiser or you may be taking a slightly more relaxed approach to planning your big day.

You might be having a country church wedding, outside or registry office but one thing is for sure.  You want to make sure that on the big day that you are glowing.  Not just so you look all glow-y and bridal to your guests but because you are going to have a photographer getting up close and personal at your face.  There is no space here for dry patches, dullness, spots, wrinkles. No room AT ALL.

So what do you do about it?  

My advice would be to start early on getting a skincare routine organised and see a professional about what your main concerns and aims are.  

A series of bespoke facials are key here.  I know I would say that, but really this will make a huge difference to your skin.  I suggest that you look at starting to address any skincare issues at least 4 months in advance, 6 months if you can afford it.

Try to fit in 1 facial every 4-6 weeks so that you are working with the skins natural renewal process.  Then have a luxury facial 5 days before the wedding itself.  Something that includes plenty of massage, masks, serums and moisturiser to get your skin plump, bouncy and radiant.  Avoid too much steam or extractions, this is not the time to pick!

Please please please do not try anything new on your face or involve machinery close to your wedding.  Skin really can by huffy and doesn’t like change.  You don’t want to be walking down the aisle with a big red face.

If you are getting married and what to discuss how to get your skin in the most optimum condition or want to find out more about the bridal packages I offer, then please get in touch