At 33Dowanhill we pride ourselves on listening to our clients and what their skincare concerns are.  That is why we have decided to add a Microcurrent Signature Facial to our treatments.  Having travelled to London to try this treatment for ourselves we are so excited to offer it to our clients here in Glasgow. 

So what does it it actually do and why should you consider it?

We all know that a great skincare routine can make your skin glow and reduce the appearance of fine lines.  However, one thing that many women struggle against is the reduction in muscle plumpness and dreaded facial sagging.

We have over 40 facial muscles that are connected directly to the skin.  This may seem a small detail but it is this connection that means you can keep the round full look of a youthful face.  This roundness is referred to as convexities (meaning an outward arc) and it tends to reduce at the age of 35.

For for those of you who have used Botox this reduction in muscle tone can happen earlier or be exaccerabated.  Using injectables prevents the facial muscles contracting. However, like any muscle that isn’t used regularly there is a level of muscle wastage that causes the face to appear older – the polar opposite of what you are trying to achieve with Botox.  You can also suffer from an “uneven” appearance.  The top portion of your face having been treated with injectibles can look much younger than the lower portion of your face. 

Our Signature Microcurrent Facial uses noninvasive but powerful electrical currents to stimulate the muscles – think of it as a personal training session for your face!  The muscles are tightened and lifted and along with that lift the skin.  The treatment tightens jawlines, contours cheekbones and lifts brows.  More than that the electrical currents impact skin at a cellular level improve the collagen production and increasing the elastin levels.

The treatment uses subsensory current which means the treatement is painfree.  You may feel a slight tingling sensation but, nothing more than that.

If you would like to find out more about this treatment then please contact us or to make a booking please click here.