We get it - skincare can be addictive. The search for the next bigger, better, stronger product that will lead to even more amazing results can be intoxicating.    But packing too much into your routine and endlessly juggling products can cause problems. Inconsistency and overloading your skin with powerful ingredients means you risk negating the benefits your products should be giving you - or worse still, creating even more issues for your skin.

We hear a lot about skin sensitivity from clients, but more and more we’ve been coming across reactive skin issues that have been self-inflicted. The good news is, our clients find their sensitivity can be alleviated or eliminated altogether by simplifying their routine.

Sometimes less really is more.

We all love active ingredients because of the incredible results they can give. Powerful serums, acids and retinol all change our skin’s appearance and texture, sometimes overnight.  But using 4-5 of theses products in your routine will not get you results faster. Throwing multiple, strong actives at your skin on a regular basis can result in over-processed skin that can become easily irritated, inflamed, red, chapped, dry, oily or prone to breakouts.

Many of us will be familiar with the ‘skincare tetris’ challenge of trying to fit multiple products into our routines. This can lead to constant swapping of products  in a bid to fit everything in. Slow down and remember - consistency is key. It can take 3-6 months to see results from some active ingredients. Stick with your products and give them a chance to work before adding more in or ditching them in favour of the latest hot new thing.

If you pick the right products for your individual skin needs then you will need a lot less, your skin will be healthier and you will spend a lot less money on products that will do nothing for you. Enjoy what you have and listen to your skin - you will look and feel much better for it!