The Signature Microcurrent Facial

70mins - from £102

Full, smooth, plump skin is what everyone wants.  

What people don't often realise is that the muscles in the face play a huge part in how young your face looks.  They are the only muscles in the body that are actually connected to the skin.  The plumper and firmer those facial muscles are, the younger your face and skin will look.

As we age there can be a level of muscle wastage.  This reduction of muscle mass can cause the face to lose fullness and in turn make your face appear older. 

This is where micro-current treatments come in.  This non invasive treatment uses electrical micro-currents to make the muscles of the face contract.  This lift and tightens the muscles but most importantly it returns fullness to the face.

Not only that, the electrical currents actually change your skin at a cellular level increasing your skins collagen and elastin levels.

Couple this with a deep double cleanse, acid exfoliation, facial massage and multi-masking you have a powerful skincare cocktail

Due to individual nature of our treatments and our treatment studio 33Dowanhill is a female only space. Terms & conditions apply.

If you have had Botox or facial fillers we ask that you wait at least 3 weeks post treatment before visiting 33Dowanhill.