Skincare Consultation

25 mins - £35 (add on to any of our Signature Facials)

These consultations can be added to any of our Signature Facials and will be with one of our facialists who will cover your current routine, product recommendations, routine improvements and tips.  You will walk away with a clear understanding on how to make improvements to your skin and what products will give you the best results.

We want to demystify skincare for you.  You don't need to be a facialist or scientist but, you do need effective solutions that will save you money in the long run.  Gone are the days of buying every new product when it launches in the hope it will get you the results you need.

Whether you’re fighting signs of ageing, battling unwanted breakouts or are just feeling like your skin need a little pick me up, we will tailor a skincare routine that will fit in with your lifestyle and that you will enjoy using everyday.  

Bring along a photo of your current products (if you are using any) so we can have a look and tell you what will work and what needs replaced.

Due to individual nature of our treatments and our treatment studio 33Dowanhill is a female only space. Terms & conditions apply.