So my official line on spots is DO NOT PICK at them.  However, I know that I don’t get listened to and to be fair sometimes I ignore that annoying voice in my own head when armed with a spare 10mins and my magnifying mirror.

Lets imagine shall we that you notice a red lump on your skin that is painful.  You think, "I’ll be able to pop this and it will be sooooo satisfying".  You then attack with dirty nails usually in your bathroom at work with no result apart from blood and perhaps some “skin juice”.  These spots will never result in that satisfying pop you get from a white head that is ready.  Instead you damage the skin all around and spread infection through both your fingers and also under the skin.  Lovely.

With a little patience that lump will disappear or come to the surface where you can deal with it (without the crying and wailing).  So lets imagine a different scenario… have a spot that is ready to go!  It is no longer painful and has a head on it.  What should you do? At this point i turn my attention to Caroline Hirons and "her" way to pop a spot.  So here is my summary of thoughts......

Firstly clean everything!  Make sure your skin has been thoroughly cleaned and so have your hands.  Get your hands on some clean tissues, acid, and a good quality natural facial oil. 

1.    take the tissue, rip it in half and wrap around the forefinger of each hand.  This means you can’t use your nails and you are extra clean.

2.    Put your fingers either side of the spot gently push downwards and then at a 90 degree angle towards the bottom the spot, start to push upwards. If it's ready, it will come up and out. Gently repeat. When the white stops, you should stop. If nothing is happening then stop.  If there is blood and your eyes have started to water.  STOP.

3.    Take your acid toner and apply using a cotton pad.  Hold it on for a few seconds..  Even if it stings.  Apply pressure don’t be too wimpy about it.

4.    Now this is the point when I know I’m going to lose some of you.  I am about to tell you to massage facial oil all over the spot.  Yes, oil.  Skin that is nourished is harder to scar.  Also with the pressure of squeezing there is a chance you will have caused damage to the surrounding area.  Drying out products should only be used in an emergency.  I only ever use drying out products if there is no other option – for a bride the day before her wedding for example!

So there you have it!  If you have to pop then make sure it is something worthwhile – as we all know there is nothing more satisfying.  If you can leave it then all the better plus you are clearly a more disciplined human than most.