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Jo Laxton

Founder & Senior Facialist

I am driven by a love of skincare and a desire to help women feel confident within themselves.

I feel that the current skincare market is focused purely on flaws and a lack of transparency.  This "smoke and mirrors" approach makes it incredibly difficult for people to make informed decisions about their skincare needs and products that will work effectively. Especially when most of those doing the advising are actually selling.

All of this led to me opening 33Dowanhill in Spring 2016.  A space where clients can experience the very best of treatments using a curated selection of truly amazing products from natural and organic products to the latest in scientific skincare wonder.

Having travelled the world experiencing and learning different facial techniques I love making sure that each and every client feels taken care of,  is given unbiased advice and most importantly leaves feeling positive about their skin, understand how to continue that post facial glow and implement effective routines for themselves.



Kate EM

I have over 30 years experience in the beauty industry and truly believe that good skin care is the foundation for glowing skin.

An expert in facial massage and lymphatic drainage I work to improve skin tone and texture to reveal your skins natural beauty.

I love skincare products and believe that an unbiased approach to brands ensure I can give clients the best possible advice and recommendation for their own personal skincare needs.




I love skincare and working closely with clients to help them achieve their skincare goals.

Ensuring clients leave feeling refreshed, positive and with recommendations to improve their at home skincare routines is very important to me.

With 12 years experience in the beauty industry I love ensuring our clients get the best possible treatment.